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Refratex India

Are you tired of searching for a pom-pom that is suitable according to your needs? Well, you are at the right platform now. We at Refratex India strive to provide you with the best pom-poms that you would not be able to find elsewhere.

Because of the great quality of pom-poms provided by us we are famous worldwide. Besides India, we have been providing other countries such as the  USA, UK, Ireland, Austria, Italy, Spain etc with our services.


We have been serving European market since 1996 and have come a long way to where we stand as a company today. All this success we have achieved today has been possible because of the dedicated and hardworking employees we have. Our employees have been working rigorously to meet the needs of millions of people around the world.


With the ease of being at home, you can explore and order the pom-poms or tassels you find suitable. The major use of pom-poms and tassels has been in decorating accessories and garments. We at Refratex India understand the importance of tiniest things in your life and thus work harder to provide you them in the finest quality available.


In 1996 we started as a small industry and have today managed to reach such great heights of success, this has been possible only because of the experienced workers and artists we have. The journey from being a small industry to today as the biggest pom-pom manufacturer, pom-pom supplier, and pom-pom wholesaler has been insane.


The artists at Refratex India come up with a variety of new designs and colors according to the latest trend that is today. The designs are aesthetic with vintage and traditional twist as well. The colors used to produce the products are a treat to your sight. The products are worth the price offered as you would not have even a slight disappointment with the product.


The varied products we provide to accessorize your garments and other accessories are:

  1. Garment Pom-Poms
  2. Bag Pom-Poms
  3. Handicraft Pom-Poms
  4. Cushion edges Pom-Poms
  5. Bedsheet edges Pom-Poms
  6. Jewelery Pom-Poms
  7. Key chain Pom-Poms
  8. Zip Puller Pom-Poms


These varied types of pom-poms are available in different materials, from which you can choose according to your needs. Some of which are:

  1. Acrylic Pom-Poms
  2. Nylon Pom-Poms
  3. Cotton Pom-Poms
  4. Rafia Pom-Poms
  5. Rayon Pom-Poms
  6. Polyester Pom-Poms
  7. Matelic Yarn Pom-Poms
  8. PU Pom-Poms
  9. Pet Acrylic Pom-Poms
  10. Occasionally feather Pom-Poms


The presence of such a wide range of products and materials we provide to our customers is the major reason behind our remarkable success. Hence, we promise our customers to never fail in providing them with the best of our services and products. The main aim of our company is to make our customers happy and satisfied by providing them with the finest quality products at the ease of being at home.


The production of these garments and home furnishing accessories has been on a large scale since the demand for the products is all over the globe today. Thus currently, we have newly installed technology that works efficiently to meet the demands of people all over the globe. The machines fitted in the industry are efficient and sophisticated, cutting down the need for hiring a lot of workers. However, the handicrafts are being designed by our artists very carefully, taking care of the minute details too.


The location of our head office is in New Delhi which helps us to be connected easily around the country. This helps us in efficiently distributing our products to our customers.


Contact us when you are looking for any of the accessorizing products without having to go out and hustling to find a suitable one. We assure you with the finest quality of affordable products and safe delivery.


Minutia of Our Company

Year Of Establishment 1996
Pan Number  ACOPJ4114C
TIN Number 07830188438
IEC CODE 0502022001